Single or multiple circuit audio, patchbays, data, video and others.

Created: 24 June 2012: More details being added

See the various sub menus for different types.

1 circuit audio: (list being complied): Mostly Neutrik phono, unbalanced and balanced jacks, 3 way XLR's plus 4 way XLR's and Speakons for speaker connections.

Audio multiway: Mostly 96 way ITT DL (used on SSL's) connectors, Edac or Elco equivalent 38, 56 and 120 way free cable, panel chassis plugs and sockets plus solder pins. Also, Sony 3348 JAE 3348 27 way connectors.

Patchbays and jacks: Mostly SSL type bantam and 1/4" GPO type A jacks and patchbay components (32, 40, 48, 56 and 80 way front panels) including nearly 4,000 Mosses and Mitchell and Audioline bantam jacks plus Switchcraft and M&M GPO 1/4" chassis jacks

Other connectors:

Data connectors (list being complied): Mostly 5 pin 180 degree din Midi Deltron cable free plugs and Canford 24mm panel chassis sockets. Also 9 to 50 way D connectors.

Video connectors (list being complied): 50 and 75 ohm BNC small and large free plugs.