General business and musicial book keeping. Databases, partlists and Investments.

Created: 27 June 2012: Updated 30 September 2016. More details added.

Small business book keeping (especially for musicians) catered for using existing Excel and Filemaker software programs and templates. I don't use accounts software like Sage as I want to know what goes in and comes out without the software keeping me guessing!

I have being running my own business within the Pro-Audio music industry since 1987 employing up to 8 staff or sub-contractors, dealing with PAYE, VAT, petty cash, purchase orders, sales and cashflow without ever being overdrawn which is quite a task these days!

Therefore I have quite a lot of experience with accounts and how to manage them. This includes the tax implications for all money spent, whether allowable expenses, capital allowances etc along with an understanding of depreciation, shipping procedures, leasing equipment (in and out) along with other aspects like investment, foreign exchange accounts and websites.

Over the last 25 years I have compiled various templates in Excel (ledgers) and Filemaker (stock lists and address books) which have made the task easier. I have used these to help other people compile their accounts and now offer the following services:

1   General small business book keeping: This includes bank, cash, purchase and sales ledgers along with Profit and Loss accounts suitable to send to HMRC. Also VAT is fully accountable for as well and presented in a way suitable for submitting to HMRC. In addition I am experienced in bookkeeping for rental letting as I once had a tenant in an annex and had to account for the income and expenses.

2   Accounts for bands and musicians (I am a drummer and know the tax implications for equipment purchases and expenses such as sticks, rehearsal costs etc). For my main work, I am involved within the Pro-Audio industry which helps with dealing with musical accounts.

3   Databases and parts lists: Over the years I have had lot's of experience creating databases and parts lists for my own business use and can offer this in the form of blank versions or tailor made to suit your purpose.

4   Investments: Although not a qualified Financial adviser, I have a fairly large portfolio of investments including savings accounts, Bonds and shares, all of which generate income and I have been involved with these kind of investments since 1985.