Pro-audio and Industrial wiring

Updated: 26 September 2016: More test and wiring jigs added.

Some different examples of my wiring work over the years. Also, refer to my client list menu for more past achievements!

1.   Recording studio wiring installations including patchbays, racks and panels.

2.   Pro-Audio custom projects, wiring and test jigs, prototypes and racking.

3.   SynthAxe guitar cable loom replacements.

4.   Industrial custom projects, wiring and test jigs, prototypes and small production runs.

5.   Documentation (details soon).

1   Recording studio wiring.

Previous projects have involved part or full studio installations (recording, project, broadcast or video) sometimes included planning, purchasing, documentation, consultancy and advice.

Below: SSL 96 way console extension patchbay wired with Brandrex twin screened cable and held together with lacing cord (in the style of Neve). I have all these bits in stock (patchbays, cable and sleeves).

Below: 96 way DL (DL2-96P) wired with 32 pair cable to standard SSL pinout within a modified EDAC 90 way backshell (cable clamp omitted for clarity). The black sheathing is not the cheap Rigaine version but a superior higher melting temperature type. The sleeves are Hellerman black H20 x 20 mm for the twin screens and green TH10 (thin wall) versions for the draiin wires.









2   Pro-Audio projects

The biggest project I have been involved with has been a £10 million task for SSL which involved a 120 channel 9K, an large Axiom console and 2 Omnimix versions plus huge amounts of outboard, numerous computer and equipment racks and miles of cabling. This was for two studios in Brunei and I was looking after the wiring planning and implementation involving up to 15 wiring people under my direct control. It took place between March 96 until Feb 97 when the project got cancelled due to the Brunei based company going into administration. It was almost 7 days a week for over 11 months, all for nothing in the end...what a shame!

In the past I have built custom 1 off SSL 688 and 5K consoles (the only ones ever built), an old Neve from scratch, ALL the (newer) Focusrite console channel and centre bays (including designing and making looming jigs), 6u racks and many centre section modules. Other work has included speaker switchers, compressors, patchbays and cabling for Pro-Audio manufacturers.

Below: Some pictures of a test jig showing 9 to 50 way connectors including Amphenol 24, 36 and 50 way connectors. I also designed and machined the panel. The rear view shows the coloured ribbon cable used wired to RS stripboard which connects to the main test jig switches (picture to follow).


Below: Pictures of the audio multiway connectors for the same test jig (not quite finished) showing 20 to 120 way Edac type connectors wired with twisted triplet 7/0.2 wires (red, black and green) to RS stripboard. Like the SSL patchbay shown before, lacing cord has been used (influenced by Neve looming ideas).


Below are the component and wiring views of a prototype centre section PCB for the original Focusrite Forte Console. This would have been for console number 3 if the company had survived!!!! The custom PCB below took nearly 50 hours with just a circuit diagram and board size to go on. The layout planning and wiring was done in that time plus the coloured ribbon cable added afterwards.


3   SynthAxe guitar cable loom replacements: Amended 02 July 2013.

Late in 2011 I completed some replacement cable looms for a guitarist friend of mine, Alec Stansfield who, apart from his other musical activities, regularly shares his views on the SynthAxe forum website. He sent me his cables and I documented them, bought various new parts and replaced the old cables which were literally falling apart (see picture below). Since then, I have had 3 more enquiries which I am currently investigating. All the pictures I have seen so far look the same as those below showing the old cables and connectors.

I am preparing some prices but, so far, they range from GB £90 for a refurbished cable using your existing connectors (with some replacement Lemo parts and new cable) up to £495 for a complete set of 3 leads made with all new Lemos and cables. The pricing depends on how many cables you require, at what lengths, whether you wish to have your existing ones reused (this means sending them to me) or, if they are all made from new parts.

Here are some example pictures of the new cables (more to follow).

Below left: Old Controller Lemo wiring.              Right: Rewired version with new Lemo                      

Below left: Do your SynthAxe cables look like this?

Below right: 4 different types of Lemo. Notice that the grey lead has 2 different connectors. The others are the same at both ends.

  SythAxe cables before                                   

4   Industrial wiring prototypes and small production runs.

I've undertaken numerous one off and limited small production runs for various companies. These include laser labeling machines and F1 and Bentley cars.

Below:A staggered wire join in a 12 way overall screened cable (not finished). The objective was to keep the join area as low profile as possible without creating a bulge in the cable which was being used for firework displays. I use clear heatshrink for terminations so the joints can be seen! 

Below: Bentley Cars Hi-Fi speaker simulation jig for Quartz Acoustics. From a wiring circuit, I designed, machined, bought the parts and wired this jig which simulates speakers used in Bentley cars for their upgraded in car stereo system (which was apparently about £10k to buy!).

Below: A different speaker simulation jig for Bentley cars. Again, I designed the actual layout, bought the bits, planned and did the machining plus the wiring of course.


5   Documentation (details soon but look at the documentation menu for now).