DMR and DCM 232 56 way pinouts

Created: 11 November 2010: 56 way installation pinouts for blank, centre and tape interface.

Disclaimer: Please refer to my comments on the main documentation page.

Below is a blank 56 way Edac / Varicon type installation connector rear (wiring view) for the DDA type consoles. It is colour coded red for hot and green for the screen (the cold wire should be obvious... and also, I didn't have the time to colour it blue!). Notice the screen linking which is on the PCB mounted console connector I guess. This goes via a ribbon connector to the patch or console internal wiring.

Also notice the cutouts on the top left and bottom right of the connector which are intended as a guide only (refer to the pin idents instead even though they may be hard to read!).


Below is the DDA monitor / foldback connector pinout.


Below is the DDA tape record / replay connector pinout (circuits 1-8 shown, 9-16, 17-24 etc similar).