DL pinouts plus others later.

Created: 15 August 2012: SSL forum

First of all, check out this new SSL forum website.

I have presented numerous wiring posts on this new website over the last few months (in fact, more than on here).

Disclaimer: These pinouts are intended as a guide only. Whilst every effort has been made to make them accurate, I will not be responsible for any incorrect connections made. Please bear in mind that some of these pinouts changed over time and, even with the connector labelled the same, the console manufacturer may have changed the layout within the connector.

On an SSL console, you can unscrew the 4 x M3 screws on the DL connector, drop it down and look at the cable labelling. Most DL's will be labelled for the patchbay but there will be some cables labelled for the console internal wiring (ie the 651 centre section). For example, the echo returns on DL 33 appear on the patchbay so, you could look at the patchbay jack labelled on the DL cable and test if it is connected.

The first DL connector shown is a blank version. Please feel free to print it out and fill it in to suit your installation. I've shown the hot circuits in red, the cold ones in blue and the screens in green. You can fill in the circuit boxes with your cable details and colour codes. The boxes in the middle are for your own use (ie Studio, DL connector details etc).

For the record (and as I didn't have a viable drawing package available at the time), these pinouts were generated on Excel, converted into a picture format, resized and included here after some effort). I hope they are of some help to you all.


Below is  an example of an SSL DL 33 (A standard 4K version)