SSL, Neve, DDA, ProTools and other wiring pinouts.

Updated: 23 November 10: New menu created for the tech people.

Disclaimer: Before I start, I will not take responsibility for any inaccurate information displayed in this section. The pinouts and other details displayed in these documentation menu pages are mainly based on wiring ProfCon has constructed in the past and is included only as a helpful guide for studio projects.

I've noticed that there is not much documentation relating to console pinouts on the Internet so, I'm going to provide some here along with various wiring details for other equipment. These will mostly be pictorial wiring installation views of connectors as opposed to just unhelpful lists of functions so, I hope these will prove useful to both installation and maintenance people.

I have many of the connectors shown in the various pinouts in stock so, look at the multiway connector menu page for the available items.

So far, I have documentation, being prepared, for the Solid State Logic 4, 6K and Axiom consoles plus Neve VR, DDA, Soundtracs and Soundcraft along with some outboard equipment manuals.

I also hope to include the SSL pinouts for the 6 way channel buscard Bicc connectors along with the power and SMPTE leads and patchbays at some point

As I was involved in all the Focusrite consoles (including Focusrite Audio Engineering or FAE) ever made, I may also provide some documentation for these as well when time allows.