Trunking, heatshrink, sleeving, cable ties, glands, labels and fixings

Updated: 12 June 2012. Cable glands and 9 way D backshells added.

Megamide cable sheathing (the best!).

Hellermann cable sleeving (including thin wall TH series). 0.05mm to 10 mm in various colours.

Cable labels: Critchley O labels (mostly 2.5mm to suit Mogami 2944 cable) plus Brady wrap round versions.

Hellerman black cable ties (SSL style) and adhesive bases. Hellerman plastic P clips to hold 3 to 20 mm looms.

Critchley 25 x 50mm grey open slot trunking shown below.

32 x 1m lengths ex-stock @ £2.00p. Ideal for vertical distribution of cables in 19" racks and you can move the cable exit position very easily! Shorter lengths are available as well.

Part No Description Qty


Cable gland M20 white plastic, IP66. For 7-10.5 mm cable. Farnell 218-315 (54p each for 50-99). Buy all 68 for £27 plus delivery (= less than 27p each.

9 way D plastic backshell. Black. Buy all 167 for £49 (29p each)