Professional Connections

WEBSITE UPDATED: 03 January 2017: This page 26 September 2016.

Now available for wiring and other work. After moving premises last year I am now in a position to undertake new work. I have previously specialised in wiring for Solid State Logic consoles (also worked there for 7 years until 1987), recording studios and Pro-Audio manufacturers although I am also very experienced in industrial wiring (ie Formula 1, Laser systems etc).

Previous work has involved part or full studio installations (recording, project, broadcast or video) including planning, purchasing, documentation, consultancy and advice, one off custom projects, prototypes, rack and panel wiring, looming jig design and build, test jigs plus PCB assembly and modifications (discrete only, not surface mount).

Pro-Audio studio and industrial projects undertaken (see wiring services menu and client list). I can offer wiring and technical advice but I reserve the right to charge for this if it takes up too much of my time.

Also check out the SSL forum which has some of my views plus examples of wiring. I am the wiring moderator on there under the username, jimlfixit. It has now over 440 members!

In addition, I also have a lot of experience and knowledge of documentation, partslists, data base creation, purchasing, accounts (especially concerned with tax liabilities), share and other investments.

Profcon is also on FACEBOOK. Click here to see pictures of wiring work examples. Click on the photos, then albums to see the various pictures, each of which has a description if selected.

Switchcraft 9625 96 way 12 x 25 way D connector patchbay review and pictures coming soon including how to buss the signal grounds to a technical earth point! Also, examples of 25 way D looms suitable for use with this unit and others.

ITT 96 way DL connectors (as used on SSL consoles) in stock with very competitive prices.

SynthAxe guitar replacement looms. I have remade some of these so, have a look at this page to see if you would like your cables to look like new.

My name is Jim Lassen and I am based in Marlow, near High Wycombe, Bucks in the UK. I can be contacted via:


Phone: +44 (0)7768 825399 or +44 (0) 1628 478597.

Thanks to Jossy P. for helping to construct this site which has been compiled on both a Mac and PC. Created: 19th October 2009. If the site looks cheap ... it is. It cost £35 plus a gob load of time between us (around 50 hours learning all this website stuff ... and I'm not talking HTML here).